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E' Komo Mai...WELCOME!

Yesterday...Our community-minded farming philosophy is based on ancient Hawaiian cultural knowledge, understanding and practices...passed on through generations.  We are blessed to be the humble caretakers of this beautiful organic farmland that has been providing to it’s community for centuries.


Today...Mahalo Maui Organics is dedicated to bringing to market, the highest quality and best tasting organic products Hawaii has to offer.  Our food is grown with great care and love on the beautiful Aina of Maui.  Nurtured by the sun, and fed by our fresh water streams flowing from the West Maui Mountains, we take pride in our responsibility to the land and all that grows from it.


Tomorrow...A portion of our farm has been dedicated to the "Mahalo Maui Project", who’s mission is to grow, harvest and distribute for free, fresh fruits and vegetables to those in our community whom need it most.  While we can not feed the whole world, we do hope our pilot program sets the example by creating a sustainable model for other communities to follow.   A portion of our sales proceeds is donated to the "Mahalo Maui Project” and other charity and community organizations.

Agricultural Tourism

Organic Crops

Community Service

TV-Ready Commercial Kitchen

Mahalo Maui Project...doing good things for good people

We are committed to providing an excellent visitor experience for those interested in the "agritourism" industry, aka  eco-tourism.

Our fresh mountain-water fed irrigation system ensures our commitment to growing only the freshest and tastiest organic fruits & veggies Maui has to offer.

Mahalo Maui Organic Farm is committed to giving back to it's community by dedicating a portion of land to it's "Mahalo Maui Project".

In addition to preparing and packaging our own brand products, Mahalo Maui Organic Farm is committed to helping other community based food businesses to grow and prosper by affordably renting our facilities.  Want to film a cooking segment on-location?  Can do!

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Our group is committed to contributing back to our community by dedicating a portion of our land to be used for the "Mahalo Maui Project".  We grow, harvest and distribute organic food to those in our community whom need it the most.  Our island-wide "Pop-Up Produce" stands will help some less fortunate families get the nutrition they need.



Culinary & Event Venue

Mahalo Maui looks forward to hosting culinary events of all types at our beautiful event pavillion.  From grassroots community & international functions, our farmside setting will dazzle guests.  Our inaugural "Chef on the Farm" culinary event will be one of Maui's most talked about.

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